YOW! Lambda Jam Conference - Melbourne, 13 - 15 May 2019

glyphicons_083_random   Not your typical conference  

YOW! Lambda Jam Conference aims at expanding the skills of functional programmers. The conference focuses on applied functional programming in languages such as Clojure, Scala, Haskell, Erlang and F#. YOW! Lambda Jam attracts leading software professionals that are serious about staying informed of the latest trends and using that knowledge to create innovative solutions.

This is not your typical sitting and listening conference. The two day, two tracks event holds numbers of Functional Programming workshops. Network, meet the experts and hone your skills all in one event.

Thanks for participating YOW! Data 2019, it was a great success! Hope to see you again next year! Photos are available!

2019 Keynote Speakers:

Bartosz Milewski

Physicist (Ph. D. in quantum field theory), Mathematician, Programmer

Bartosz Milewski has been educated in Poland, where he got PhD in Theoretical Physics. He had several postdoc positions in Europe and in the United States. He wrote books “C++ In Action: Industrial Strength Programming Techniques”.

Philip Wadler

Professor of theoretical computer science at the University of Edinburgh

Philip Wadler is a professor of theoretical computer science at the University of Edinburgh and senior research fellow at IOHK since 2017. He is an ACM fellow and a fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, and a past chair of ACM Sigplan. Previously, he worked or studied at Stanford, Xerox Parc, Carnegie Mellon, Oxford, Chalmers, Glasgow, Bell Labs, and Avaya Labs, and visited as a guest professor at Copenhagen, Sydney, and Paris.

2019 Invited Speakers:

Susan Potter

Distributed Systems Architect

Susan Potter's academic background is quantitative in nature. After graduating the University of Manchester with a BSc in Mathematics, she worked for two global investment banks in London, then decided to move to San Francisco to build a B2B trading platform at a software startup in 1999.

Manuel Chakravarty

Lambda Scientist, Tweag I/O & IOHK

Manuel M T Chakravarty works with Tweag I/O as a functional programming evangelist, architects blockchain languages at IOHK, and develops the interactive development environment Haskell for Mac — one of the first Swift apps on the Mac App Store. His interests span from functional programming, novel compiler technology & programming language theory over high-performance & distributed computing to blockchain technology. 

Edward Kmett

Chair of the Haskell Core Libraries Committee

Edward spent most of his adult life trying to build reusable code in imperative languages before realizing he was building castles in sand. He converted to Haskell in 2006 while searching for better building materials. He now chairs the Haskell core libraries committee, collaborates with hundreds of other developers on over 150 projects on github, builds tools for quants and traders using the purely-functional programming-language Ermine for S&P Capital IQ.