Greg Davis


Greg Davis has worked on a large number of software projects and in most cases as a coder. Greg recently headed up a large team which saw a conversion to using functional programming techniques – a great boon. Greg is passionate about building sustainable software and high performance teams and is keen to see Brisbane become a significant software development hub.

YOW! Lambda Jam 2013 Brisbane

HDD – Hole Driven Development


Sometimes, when writing programs, we tend to use lots of polymorphic types. That’s good! We can reuse those pieces, thanks to the types. But it can be difficult sometimes, when writing a program, to see how the polymorphic types should exactly fit together, given the things in scope HDD, or Hole Driven Development, is an approach which uses different types of hole to incrementally step toward a solution by leveraging the Haskell compiler and the information provided by its type inference engine – sort of like having a tour guide. HDD provides you with a compiling program, as well as information about the types you are working on, each step along the path to a final solution.

Haskell in Production: 12 Months Building ApiEngine


Web development in Haskell is efficient, contorting, rewarding, frustrating and elegant all at the same time. 12 Months building production quality Haskell has taught many lessons, and in this talk we will discuss the amazing, with the downright painful, and hope to provide a glimpse at what it is like building real software in a purely functional world.

We will look at the Haskell eco-system and tools; Yesod and the other technologies used to build ApiEngine; as well as the social side of Haskell development by looking at what it takes to spin up new developers.