Jed Wesley-Smith


Principal Engineer at Atlassian, Organiser of ScalaSyd

Jed Wesley-Smith is a Principal Engineer and programming philosopher at Atlassian, where he has been widely involved in architecture, performance and concurrency. Jed came to functional programming as a general solution to writing concurrent code. He is interested in techniques that minimise the potential and eliminate the possibility of errors in software. Jed is deeply appreciative of the irony of being called “academic” despite having no formal training whatsoever.

YOW! Lambda Jam 2013 Brisbane

Connection Management, FP Style: A Case Study


Many applications face the problem of communicating to external processes via stateful connections, for instance JDBC connections to databases, or SSH connections to a network server. Traditional manual connection handling a la JDBC places all the management burden on the client code, and is error prone.

For a recent project we designed – with prudent use of the Reader, Free and IO monads – a superior API that prevents misuse. This talk explores the evolution of this API and the challenges it presented and solved.