Stuart Sierra


Clojure developer at Cognitect. co-author of “Practical Clojure”& “ClojureScript: Up and Running”

Stuart Sierra has been involved in Clojure since (almost) the very beginning and is the author of many open-source Clojure libraries. He developed one of the first real-world Clojure web applications, AltLaw. He is the co-author, with Luke VanderHart, of the book ClojureScript: Up and Running and Practical Clojure.

He is also a musician, writer, actor and New Yorker.


Practical Clojure

ClojureScript: Up and Running

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Component Framework

YOW! Lambda Jam 2013 Brisbane

Data, Visibility, and Abstraction – Development Using Clojure


One reason programming is hard is because it is so difficult to observe what is happening when a program runs. Programming languages and libraries rely on abstractions which either hide important details or produce too much information to consume. Developers come to depend on ever-more-sophisticated tools to examine programs and diagnose failures. However, with a little care and design, it is possible to build systems which lend themselves to easier comprehension. This talk will introduce some general guidelines for designing systems which make their data and abstractions more transparent to developers, using code examples in Clojure.

Datomic Jam


This 2-hour workshop will provide a hands-on introduction to Datomic, a non-relational database with support for ACID transactions, horizontal read-scalability, and a unique data model that incorporates time. Datomic is written in Clojure, runs on the JVM, and has native APIs for both Clojure and Java. This workshop will use examples in Clojure. Topics will include: an overview of the Datomic architecture, the tuple-based data model, immutability, Datomic’s view of time, queries with Datalog, and transactions.

Each attendee should bring a laptop and be prepared to work on example code. Leiningen version 2 (free download at is highly recommended. Some basic familiarity with Clojure syntax and the REPL is recommended.