Dylan Just


Senior Software Engineer at Ephox

Dylan is an enthusiastic coder with a keen interest in FP and programming languages. He likes to push languages to the limit; making the best use of language features in implementing working software. He writes Java and JavaScript by day, and Haskell and PureScript by night.

Dylan spends his working hours at Ephox, applying functional principles in the development of web-based rich text editors. He can be found yabbering on about types, altjs languages and all manner of sysadmin topics.

YOW! Lambda Jam 2015 Brisbane

Record Systems


A record system is a type system feature found in many languages, which is used for modeling data using named fields. This talk discusses the capabilities and pitfalls of Haskell’s record system and how the problems can be addressed.

At a language level, we’ll look at how some Haskell-inspired languages improve upon Haskell’s record system. At a library level, we’ll look at how modern GHC features enable alternative record systems to be built.

We’ll also look at the structural typing concepts of extensible records and row polymorphism.