Tim McGilchrist


Master Commander of Big Data at Ambiata

Tim McGilchrist began his career as a mere midshipman, with some experiences in the exotic lands of Erlang, Lisp and OCaml. He developed a liking for the rough sailor life, strong types and a tot of rum. He quickily progressed to more daring exploits in distributed systems and contrarianism which gained him the promotion to lieutenant. After some gruelling service where he was blockaded at Brest using un-mentionable non-FP languages, he was offered a promotion to Master and Commander of Big Data at Ambiata. Once there, he met a number of gizzled Haskell verterans and went to work on special operations in infrastrure, machine learning and big data.

YOW! Lambda Jam 2015 Brisbane

A Crash Course in OCaml Modules


When people hear about functors in OCaml they probably immediately think of map and the Functor type class in Haskell. Then when they start looking into what OCaml calls functors they’re likely to be confused, finding something quite unexpected.

This talk will aim to introduce people to the OCaml module system, showing how OCaml modules are different, explain what an OCaml functor is and show how OCaml modules allow us to solve problems in a unique way.