Tony Morris


Senior Software Engineer at NICTA, Functional Programming Educator

Tony Morris is a software product developer who has deployed functional programming techniques in industry for over 10 years. Tony teaches at the tertiary level and for professional programmers with a view toward producing a viable commercial result. Tony is currently a Senior Software Engineer at NICTA where he is tasked with promoting and educating on functional programming for the benefit of all Australian software developers.

Tony takes a fastidious, principled approach to functional programming both when deployed in practice and when in a learning environment to ensure maximum yield from the effort. Tony believes that exploring principles and the following consequences provides a rewarding experience for all involved.

YOW! Lambda Jam 2015 Brisbane

Let’s Lens


The goal of this workshop is to develop skills and familiarity with the concepts of the Haskell lens package. The audience should expect to achieve a fundamental grounding in these concepts and a clear path to further develop this understanding independently.

The workshop consists of a series of exercises, using the Haskell programming language of progressing difficulty. Given the diversity of concepts in the lens package, some can only be explored briefly, however, the audience should expect to develop a thorough grounding to continue exploring further.

The exercises will follow a similar format to the NICTA/course material, which is a general course for learning functional programming concepts. The NICTA course is typically (though not necessarily) conducted with personal guidance.

A basic familiarity with the Haskell programming language and environment is necessary. A good gauge for this familiarity is being comfortable with solving the problems in the CIS194 lecture series.

Participants should arrive with a development machine, with GHC installed and a preferred text editor, along with a copy of the (git) source repository: Glasgow Haskell Compiler (GHC)

  • The lens package
  • Twan van Laarhoven on Lenses
  • Edward Kmett on Lenses