Sean Seefried


Senior Software Engineer at IAG in Data & Analytics

Sean has been interested in functional programming since 2001. He is lucky enough to be writing Haskell in his role as Senior Software Engineer at IAG where it performs admirably in solving data & analytics problems. Strongly inspired by Conal Elliott’s work he has always been interested in producing beautiful graphics using Haskell.

YOW! Lambda Jam 2016 Brisbane

Writing Games for Android in Haskell


Writing games for Android is technically possible in Haskell, but difficult. In this workshop we will provide you with a ready-made cross-compilation development environment that will allow you to focus on the fun part: writing, building and deploying games to your device.

Beginning with a short introduction, our session will subsequently break into small groups to build and deploy an example game, written in Haskell, to your Android devices. Once that is working for everyone, the session will progress to a Q&A and code jam session, with the authors answering specific questions and providing help as people write their own small games or graphics effects.


  • an Android device running Android 4.0 or above. Device does not need to be “rooted”.
  • VirtualBox needs to be installed on your computer and you need to have at least 15G free.
  • Android Debug Bridge (adb) installed. Please ensure that you can “adb push”/”adb pull” on your device.

Optional pre-requisites:

  • Install Sean’s game “Epidemic”:
  • Try building your own environment in advance using the instructions at:

Sean would be particularly interested in hearing of any difficulties you encounter and is available for technical advice at [email protected] right up until Lambda Jam begins.