Andrew Harvey


Chief Nerd at Zova

Andrew Harvey is Chief Nerd for Zova, an Apple Design Award winning fitness app for iPhone and Apple TV. Despite maintaining the Elixir backend for Zova, the growing semi-post-technical nature of his role has lead him to start tinkering with hardware. A growing collection of breadboards, components, micro-controllers and soldering burns bear testament to hours spent building projects.

YOW! Lambda Jam 2017 Sydney

Functional Firmware by Example


Firmware has historically been written in C, and as such has generally been very imperative in nature. With modern devices like the Raspberry Pi Zero and more recently the Rasberry Pi Zero W, embedded processors can now happily run a linux stack on a very small footprint with low power draw.

All this means that we can look past C for writing firmware. Elixir’s heritage in Erlang – running telephone switching – means that it is uniquely equipped for dealing with the demands of firmware. In this talk we’ll look at how you can use Erlang, and more specifically Nerves, to build your own firmware.

This talk includes not only live coding, but live deployment on real hardware. Hold onto your hats, the actor pattern is being unleashed on the physical world.

Workshop requirements: