Christopher Fraser


iOS Developer at Zova

Christopher’s first language was C++, because he wanted to make games. Therefore he thought functional programming was for hippies, university professors, and people with some kind of computer augmentation in their brain. After various roles as an indie game, web, and eventually, mobile developer, he has discovered the joys of Rx, and all the declarative goodness it provides. He now refuses to write application code containing mutable state, and believes that even normal people can use functional programming in the real world.

YOW! Lambda Jam 2017 Sydney

Observing Everything – Completely Reactive Apps in the Real World with RxSwift

TALK – 30 mins.

Over the last year at Zova I’ve rewritten our iOS app from scratch, with RxSwift at the core. This talk will cover some of the techniques and patterns used to cross the bridge from the world of iOS apis, with its delegates, callbacks, NSNotifications, and KVO, to the promised land of FRP, with an app which is largely reactive, stateless, and declarative.