Jacob Bass


Software Engineer at Thinkmill

Jacob’s first introduction to programming was automating Excel spreadsheets because he was too lazy to copy-paste. His interest in doing more by typing less led him to web-development, where he mostly develops tools and libraries for teams to use internally. After attending the data61 course on functional programming he fell in love with the expressiveness of the approach, and is always looking for a new way to inject it into his daily workflow.

YOW! Lambda Jam 2017 Sydney

Unreasonable Expectations


How can those of us working in industry, often with frustrating languages and broken tools, help to transition that industry towards Functional Programming? How can we educate our coworkers, our managers, and even our clients that FP is not only helpful, but invaluable? This talk will introduce ReasonML, Facebook’s gambit towards transitioning JavaScript and PHP Web developers towards FP semantics and safety. Built as a syntax over OCaml, it is being designed and curated as a way for us to introduce these principles into our daily work and help our industry towards writing better, safer code.
This talk will introduce the language and the ecosystem, show its strengths and weaknesses and discuss where it might be an appropriate lever to introduce a team to FP with minimal disruption.
Building on the information in the talk, this workshop will show you how to build functional, typed UI systems in ReasonML. Using the bindings to the React library, we’ll go from the basics to building our own copy of Minesweeper, and time permitting, beyond.

Attendee requirements: